Professional Learning

Professional Learning


Bachelors in Elementary Education

Masters in Administration and Supervision

Specialist in Educational Leadership

Taught 13.5 years (grades 1, 3, 4 and 5)

Administrator at Elementary and Middle School levels for 18.5 years

Experience facilitating Strategic Plans, Chairing multiple committees and facilitating the development of school-wide discipline plans that are based on the framework of PBIS (Positive Behavioral and Interventions and Support).

Nationally certified as an educational consultant through the Center for Teacher Effectiveness (Time to Teach) with a focus on classroom management and modeling for teachers.

If you need: a school-wide, (research-based) Discipline Plan, Classroom Management training (assistance and support for teachers who are challenged and struggling with behavior-focused issues or implementing good instruction) or assistance for administrators who are finding it difficult to lead positively/effectively, you have found your answer. I offer half day (4 hours) and full day training and/or mentoring.

School-wide discipline plans require designated, dependable, and responsible team members who can redeliver information accurately, a minimum of 3 training opportunities with at least one week between sessions to allow for feedback from all stakeholders, progress monitoring that delivers a live, working product.

I offer 3 other workshops:

1. Teaching standards using real life experiences ($160 per person) for a 4 hour session (half day). Group rate: Pay for 5, the 6th person is free. Pay for 10 and 2 additional individuals attend free. Full day trainings are also available at $250 per person with the same group rates.

2. Teacher Preparedness training for teacher candidates at colleges and universities. Prices are negotiable when there are more than 12 participants.

3. How to self-publish a book ($150 per person) in 4 hour sessions.

All workshops are offered at various times during the year, but can be scheduled when requested or as needed.

Message author for additional information or to book services.


Harris County Schools:

Discipline (point system) plan I facilitated (1999) still in place at Harris County-Carver Middle School after 20 years.

Arnold T. Jackson, former principal, now Title I Coordinator with district shared that the plan was, "A life saver."

Fulton County Schools:

Dr. Deana Holiday Ingraham, Director of Student Discipline visited Parklane Elementary School during my tenure as Assistant Principal (2014) to assess the school-wide dicipline plan I facilitated and implemented (SOAR). It is still in effect today.

These are some of her comments: “I REALLY enjoyed my visit! A positive school climate permeates the entire school because of the systemic implementation of positive behavior supports and consistent teaching, modeling and reinforcing positive behavior school-wide. I enjoyed touring the "Eagles Nest Store." The great work that you, Dr. Fields, the discipline committee, school staff and students are doing is commendable and should be shared with the district as a "bright spot."

As we discussed, we will make efforts to identify resources and business partners to increase the Eagles Nest Store inventory. Again, I truly enjoyed my visit and look forward to visiting again and being inspired! Keep up the GREAT work!!!!”

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