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Three new books released on Amazon KDP:. SAVINGS CHALLENGE: Teaching Your Child Cents $.01 to $10 (ages 3-10) and SAVINGS CHALLENGE 101: Building Today's Money Savvy Kids $.01 to $100 (ages 8-16)--consumables. These books teach children money awareness, develop r…

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The Bathroom Tells on Me
  • "Great for kids! My nephew loved it." Katrina Reynolds 09/25/2019
  • "I bought this book for my son and absolutely loves it. Can't wait to purchase the other books in this series. Great read and a must for your little one." Tanya Alexander 10/07/2018
  • "The Bathroom Tell…
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My Report Card Tells On Me
  • "I received this book for my 6 year old granddaughter just before Christmas. I read it to my husband who smiled because it had my granddaughter's name in the book which made it even more special. However, in reading it, what really stood out was the impact of what…
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I Am Not Missing
  • "Great book, beautifully written and illustrated." Ms. Sylvester.
  • I was on my toes the whole time when I read these three children's books from books by TSM. I find that kids and parents will both be captivated by these three books ... can't wait to read the nex…
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Heartfelt Words: Words Speak When Hearts Cannot

From the United States

Five stars is not enough.

5.0 out of 5 stars ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Verified Purchase

This little book of romantic and practical relationship poetry says ...

Reviewed in the United States on October 24, 2017

This little book of romantic and practical re…

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