My BIG Mouth Little Brother Tells on Me

My BIG Mouth Little Brother Tells on Me

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of a family with three rambunctious boys with the youngest being an eavesdropper always eager to spill the beans?  

In this book, you'll follow the daily adventures and misadventures of a family for one school week as they navigate the challenges of raising three boys with vastly different personalities, interests, and priorities. The youngest son, Joe Joe, is the adorable, yet cunning eavesdropper. He is always listening in on his older brothers' conversations and eagerly reporting back to his parents.

This book encompasses self-discipline, peer pressure, school struggles and sibling rivalry as the family is forced to confront the importance of trust. This is a must read for anyone experiencing the competing demands of love, loyalty the challenge of family dynamics, and individuality in a household full of different personalities.  

Like other books published by the author, this book reinforces and supports curriculum standards using real life experiences. It is an excellent educational resource for teachers, counselors, and parents.

My BIG Mouth Little Brother Tells on Me is the third book in the "Tells on Me" series and is written for grades 4-6. This book can help build family bonds, respect, trust and love.

What valuable lessons will you learn from how the family responds to the BIG Mouth Little brother, Joe Joe, who is a TATTLETALE at heart?


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